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Give Us That Model Pose Rocking Your Shoe Game!

Time to get recognition for your Shoe Game! Send us or Post a picture of you Rocking your Shoe Game like a Boss Model! Stilettos, heels, athletics, casual, boots, etc...male & female, just bring it! 1 Photo each week will be selected across all our platforms and entered into our Nominees for our SHOE HALL of FAME. You can enter each week if you like, rocking the same or different shoes. No cost to enter, pic must show your face and you wearing at least 1 shoe in full view. Just Post to our page to enter. Game on!

Shoe Fame Guidelines:

First, to Enter is FREE! Enter our Shoe Fame promotion to be eligible to be selected to be in our SHOE HALL OF FAME. Inductees will receive a cash prize of $50, a promotional gift, and possible options to be signed to the Agency as a Shoe Model. Your image and likeness as a Shoe Hall of Famer, will be used promotionally and in our media platforms to continue to promote the series for the duration of the Shoe Hall of Fame promotion.

To enter simply, take a picture of you wearing your shoes (at least 1 shoe must be fully visible), along with your face being visible in the picture (this ensures that it's you and not a stock photo, or someone else). Shoes must be purchased, and not in a store, in case we request more photos, if you advance to the next level. Post the image on our social media platform, or email directly to, make the subject 'Shoe Fame Submission'. Please sure make the photo is tasteful, and not offensive or vulgar, any such pictures will be removed or not Posted. Entrants must be at least 18 years of age.

Each week 1 photo will be selected from all of the entries that week. The entrant will be contacted to let them know they have been selected as a nominee for the EMAGE, LLC SHOE HALL OF FAME, and will be moved to the next level. Selections will be based on the Model's presentation, social media engagement (get your friends to Like & Share, it helps), and our internal judging process. This is not a competition, so there are no losers. Emage, LLC is a Modeling & Talent Agency and this promotion is part of a Model/Talent search promotion. This promotion has been officially launched and the first Emage Shoe Hall of Famer will be announced during the 1st week of the next month, the first one being July, 2021.

Post to our Facebook: OR email directly to us: (make subject 'Shoe Fame Submission')

Questions? Feel free to contact us via email or phone.

*Some rules subject to change based on promotion & campaign variables and audience response. This is an original Emage, LLC promotion, using our guidelines copy or using photos other than for purposeful promotional purposes, will be considered an infringement and legal action may be executed.


Put Your Products in the Hands of Consumers

Are you looking for professional brand ambassadors to represent and sell products at your next in-store retail event, street promotion or outdoor marketing event?

EMAGE Promotions & Marketing provides sales and marketing services to the consumer goods industry. Our in-store retail demonstrators and outdoor staffing talent function as food and beverage brand ambassadors. Emage represents your company and it's product.

We understand the importance of proving a professional image to present your products. Our food sampling and beverage sampling demonstrators provide exceptional service in retail stores and outdoor events across Pennsylvania, Ohio  and West Virginia.

 Contact EMAGE, LLC to hire professional brand ambassadors for your next special event. Our staffing and talent services cater to independent grocery stores, supermarket chains, wholesale clubs, department stores, tradeshows and more. Our promotional brand ambassadors have exceptional experience in sales, promotions, marketing and customer service. Food & beverage sampling is our area of expertise.

Our Promotions & Marketing staff and talent services will interact with consumers so they can try your new products, engage them in product demonstrations and events participation. 

CONTACT US TODAY!  Email:   Ph: 412.722.9526

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